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The original dream of Ferry Porsche is the very reason Porsche is the iconic brand that we know and love today. 'I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of, so I decided to build it myself,' is the famous quote describing his dream of a modern sports car.

This past Thursday, 19 January, Porsche Cars GB unveiled their short art film inspired by Ferry Porsche's dream at Outernet in the Now Building in London. This project, in partnership with Wallpaper* and Lusion, showcases a dramatic digital interpretation of the inspiration of the Porsche 356, the very first Porsche model.

Lusion is a digital creative studio that uses its creations to transform emotions into experiences, through a process of shaping data, colour, form, and movement. Edan Kwan, the Hong-Kong born mind behind Lusion, has a background in multiple fields including music production, web development and coding, all of which can be seen within this piece of work.

Lusion is currently based in Bristol, UK and consists of a team of artists and coders from around the world. The team specialises in creating large-scale immersive experiences, as well as VR and AR realms for international clients.

Kwan reflected: ‘Porsche is a luxury product, but when Ferry Porsche set out to create his very first sports car, his dream had to be manifested in a new reality because this space literally didn’t exist.’ 

Utilising AI-generated imagery, animations and data, the short film's aim is to symbolise the journey of a dream from conception to reality. Kwan comments on the 'blooming' of the artificially generated flowers: ‘These illustrate how inspiration works, growing from one idea into infinite variations,’.

Lee Wilford, Marketing Director, Porsche Cars GB commented: “With the dream of our founder still reflected in the company today, we wanted to highlight the enduring power of a dream and the fight and daring it takes to continually pursue and overcome adversity to bring your dreams to reality,”. 

If you would like to find out more about this amazing project or to watch the immersive short art film, click here .

Porsche celebrates its 75th anniversary this year and this exciting project looks to be only the beginning of the celebratory events we can expect to see from the iconic automotive brand in 2023.

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