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20 Years of Cayenne

20 Years of Cayenne


On 20 August 2002, the first Porsche Cayenne model was produced in the newly-built plant in Leipzig, Germany.

However, the first birthplace of this iconic Porsche model was originally planned to be Slovakia's capital Bratislava, where the Volkswagen-built Touareg was to join in production.

Porsche’s CEO at the time, Wendelin Wiedeking, had influenced the change of production location due to his desire to have the model earn the label of ‘Made in Germany'. Although this decision seemed to be a more expensive route than producing elsewhere such as North America, Wiedeking hoped this would instil the concept of quality for the Cayenne.

Although the final product came from Leipzig, the engines were transported from Zuffenhausen and the painted bodies of the SUV came from Bratislava.

As this August marked 20 years since the unveiling of Porsche's first SUV, we can see how far this model has come and how it remains a favourite among all those that love Porsche.

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