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Care for your Porsche this winter

Care for your Porsche this winter


With the cold weather here to stay, make sure you take the best care of your Porsche this winter, and use vehicle accessories to get optimum performance whatever the weather. 

At Porsche Centre Perth we know that Porsche vehicles may have to endure harsh weather conditions this winter. That's why the Porsche Tequipment range offers the perfect accessories to keep you safe, warm and dry.

Porsche Tequipment accessories include:

  • Luggage compartment liners custom-fit by model
  • Snow chains specifically designed for Porsche vehicles, with a slender chain making them easy to apply for improved driving grip and traction
  • All-weather floor mats with a sophisticated design, vehicle silhouette and Porsche logo. They are also anti-slip and water-impermeable

We have put together a checklist to ensure your Porsche stays in optimum condition this winter:

  • Fit winter wheels and tyres to ensure safer driving. Winter tyres can reduce your braking distance on a wet road by approximately 12%*
  • Prepare a winter breakdown kit and keep it in your car in case of emergency. Items we recommend include a blanket, torch, high visibility jacket and a warning triangle
  • Keep de-icer in your car to make your mornings easier when scraping the ice off your windscreen and lights
  • Be gentle when washing away the salt and grit from wintery roads that has accumulated on your Porsche. Using a pressure washer risks damaging the paint by embedding the salt and grit into the paintwork
  • Check all of your lights, levels and tyres regularly. It is important to check your engine coolant levels over the winter. Also, remember to check your tyre pressure throughout the winter, even if you have winter wheels and tyres

For more information on our Porsche Tequipment range or helpful tips, call 01738 230 700 or email info@porscheperth.co.uk for more information.

*Summer tyres versus winter tyres. Braking with ABS on wet road surface, 50 to 0 mph at 3°C.